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Humanities classes at COCC provide enriching content and new perspectives

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Spanning graphic novels and short stories, gender studies and cultural appreciation, course offerings in Humanities present a broad scope of thought-provoking content. Through close readings, expressive writings, and plenty of interaction and discussion, students find new ways to connect with the human experience.

The following course group provides an example of the depth of study students can discover in Humanities at COCC:

Novels and short stories are the heart of the experience in Introduction to Literature: Fiction, where literary structures and narrative elements lead to a full look at the works and their varied viewpoints. Students expand interpretive skills and decipher themes.

In Introduction to Children's Literature, a survey of picture books, folklore, fantasy, and other book categories examines the representation of childhood in different historical and cultural contexts.

Through rhythm, language, tone, and other elements of poetry, Introduction to Literature: Poetry covers the power of poems and their ability to convey feelings and ideas.

Four distinct creative writing classes help writers develop new techniques for composing work and strengthening their craft: Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction, Introduction to Creative Writing: Nonfiction, Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry, and Introduction to Creative Writing: Scriptwriting. Through individual and collaborative workshop activities, along with the creation of a writing portfolio in certain classes, students sharpen their prose.

With its own unique vocabulary for discussion, explanation, and analysis, Popular Culture: Graphic Novels considers the role of comic books and graphic novels as cultural creations in popular culture and literature. Course objectives include assessing the genre as a medium for confronting real-world problems and ethical controversies.

Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies presents a full view of the key issues, questions, and debates in the field of gender studies. The course provides an analysis of contemporary and historical experiences of women and covers the tenets of feminist theory.

Cinematography, editing, sound, and acting all combine to shape stories and communicate ideas. In Introduction to Film, the learning outcomes identify the components of filmmaking and define the key terms and concepts that make up the audio-visual language.

Explore these and other courses in the diverse world of Humanities at COCC.