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Outdoor Leadership


The outdoors is unlimited for the person seeking adventure, challenge, and opportunities for unexpected growth. Now more than ever the outdoors needs professionals who understand the importance of maintaining natural areas for their power to invoke adventurous, challenging, and educational opportunities. The general area of outdoor leadership includes specific careers in outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure education, wilderness therapy, and tourism and leisure enterprises.

At the forefront of this movement are COCC's Outdoor Leadership Programs. At COCC, we provide students with options for an Outdoor Leadership - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) that can lead directly to a degree at Oregon State University-Cascades. We also provide a One-Year Certificate of Completion (CC1) which leaders directly into employment. Depending on your goals, we have an option that will work for you.

Outlook Leadership Vision

The COCC Outdoor Leadership program is a premiere provider of Associate's level preparation in outdoor leadership development and will be grounded in the principles of lifelong learning, environmental stewardship, personal growth and leadership. The program emphasizes experiential methodologies to combine theory and practice in a strong field-based curriculum. Students will develop current and accepted skills, understand comprehensive knowledge and standards in the professional field, while being taught by highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty who exemplify the highest level of standards, integrity and ethics. Faculty and students will be supported in their efforts to foster innovative practices in pursuit of excellence in outdoor leadership.

Questions/ Inquiries
Please contact Jessica Russell, Outdoor Leadership Program Coordinator



"The Outdoor Leadership program is unique because it isn't just about learning things, the program is about learning yourself."
– Kelsie Meithof

"I've made lifelong friends because of how the Outdoor Leadership program was structured and the experiences we had."
– Jonas Crabtree

"It gave me a boost in my confidence. It's pushed me more than any other class I’ve been in."
– Britt Hanson


Mapping a Future Through the Mountains (pdf)
as seen in the Central Oregonian June 15, 2018