Nursing Advanced Placement Program

To qualify as a candidate for Advanced Placement (LPN to RN) you must have the following:

  • Current resident status for the COCC college district. See the COCC website for residency requirements.
  • Current State of Oregon LPN license that must be active and unencumbered.
  • 400 hours of direct patient care experience in an acute or long-term (skilled) setting, or 600 hours of direct patient care in other nursing settings such as clinics, home health, or assisted living as an LPN within the last two years.
  • Official copy of transcripts showing completion of the required prerequisite and support courses (or their equivalent).

Nursing Program Readmission, Advanced Placement and Transfer Student Policies


You must complete all of the Nursing prerequisites before entering the program.

  • BI231 - Anatomy and Physiology I*
  • BI232 - Anatomy and Physiology II*
  • BI233 - Anatomy and Physiology III*
  • BI234 - Microbiology*
  • GS 105, CHEM 104 or CHEM 221 - Chemistry*
  • MTH95 - Intermediate Algebra or higher
  • WR121 - English Composition
  • WR 122 or WR 227 - English Composition
  • Human Nutrition: FN 225
  • Developmental Psychology: PSY 215 or PSY 215N
  • CIS 120 or pass the computer competency exam*

*The science and computer courses must have been completed within 5 years prior to admission. Older course work may be accepted by petition process on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to completing all prerequisites with a "C" grade or better, applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher between WR 121, Math 95 (or higher), BI 231, BI 232, BI 233 and BI 234.