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Degrees & Certificates

The Computer & Information Systems degree programs for AAS are designed around a core curriculum and options--sets of elective courses. The programs' core provides a strong introduction to computer concepts, software applications, operating systems, networking, computer servicing, the Internet and web development, math, human relations, and writing.

To earn an Associate of Applied Science in Computer and Information Systems, the student must complete core credits and credits of CIS or CS electives. Students may choose to complete a general AAS in CIS by taking any 27 credits with a CIS or CS prefix 100 or above. Or, a student may elect to complete an option in one or more areas: Networking and Cybersecurity, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), or Web Development. If a student selects specific electives to complete the requirements for one of the options, the AAS degree awarded also specifies the option successfully completed. The general AAS provides the most flexibility in course selection and scheduling.

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Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Option

The Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) option prepares students for entry-level employment in the drafting field. Students will prepare for advanced applications through an introductory set of CAD-based curriculum. They will gain experience using dedicated architectural, mechanical, civil and rendering software. Upon completion, the student will be prepared to take a national skill-based certification exam.

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Networking and Cybersecurity Option

The Networking and Cybersecurity option prepares students for entry-level positions in network administration. Network specialists have the abilities to design, create, manage and maintain computer networks for small businesses. Courses cover both hardware and software and closely follow major industry certification requirements.

For details see:
Computer & Information Systems: Networking and Cybersecurity - Associate of Applied Science Option (Online Catalog)

Web Development Option

The Web Development option prepares students for a career as a front-end web developer or website administrator. These professionals are responsible for creating standards-based websites and web/database applications. In addition to programming skills in common markup, scripting, and SQL languages, these types of professions require project management and communication skills.

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