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COPE Accomplishments!

CREP Spring 2017 Seminar: 

Congratulations to Joel Ryder, Becky Pomeroy, Jen Clayton, Rachael Helt, and Anna Palacios on the acceptance of their poster (Individual Awareness of Committing the Attribute Substitution Heuristic: A CREP Replication Study) to the Western Psychology Conference in Portland, OR 2018. 

Heroic Imagination Project Winter 2018: 
Congratulations to our new HIP presenters: Sidney Dickson,  Alondra Moreno-Valles, Emily Peck, Liz Regan, Claire Marie Wodrich. These students completed three campus presentations in Winter 2019 on Mindset. In Spring, the team will be presenting one talk at the ORAEYC conference on April 27th and one talk to Cascades Crest Transition on May 17th.