Zelda Ziegler

Dept(s): Chemistry
Office: Science Center 289
Email: zziegler@cocc.edu
Phone: 541-383-7411 x7411
Fax: 541-317-3064

Office Hours 

 Fall  2016   Winter 2017          Spring 2017

To view a copy of my schedule, click on the highlighted text for the current quarter above.  This schedule shows the hours that I am scheduled to teach, and also when I plan to be in my office and taking visitors.  Please choose from the office hours that fit your schedule.  Then email me a list of the times that work best for both of us.  I'll get back to you to confirm which times are still available. 

If none of my scheduled office hours work, then choose some time I am not already scheduled to be in class and email me with that suggestion.  I will probably be able to accommodate you.  

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