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Youth Camp@COCC
For Youth Ages 10-14

Youth Camp@COCC offers a unique opportunity for children ages 10-14 to explore aviation, culinary, physics, engineering, and computer technology.  Camps are held Monday through Thursday in the mornings or afternoons  during the summer months. Youth Camp@COCC is a great way for your child to develop new skills, explore career options, gain exposure to a college campus environment and have fun with friends!  This year we will be offering camps on all of our COCC campuses: Bend, Madras, Prineville and Redmond.

Registration is now open. Detailed information on the camps can be found by clicking on the individual months below.

June 2016 Camps

Pizza Party! Culinary Youth Camp
6/20 to 6/22                        8:30am-11:30 MTuW                                     
6/23                                    8:30am-12:30 Th (4-days)                         Cost $199

Minecraft Designers Youth Camp
6/20 to 6/24                        9:00am-noon  MTuWThF (5-days)            Cost $199

App Attack! Youth Camp
6/20 to 6/23                        1:00pm-4:00 MTuWTh (4-days)                Cost $179

Make Your First 3D Video Game Youth Camp
6/27 to 7/1                          9:00am-noon MTuWThF (5-days)             Cost $199

Code Breakers Youth Camp
6/27 to 6/30                        1:00pm-4:00 MTuWTh (4-days)                 Cost $179

July 2016 Camps

New! Video Game Odyssey Youth Camp
7/5 to 7/8                            9:00am-noon TuWThF (4-days)                 Cost $179

Ecology Explorers Youth Camp
7/11 to 7/12                      9:00am-noon MTu
7/13 to 7/14                      9:00am-3:00 WTh                                         Cost $199

Minecraft Designers Youth Camp

7/11 to 7/15                        9:00am-noon MTuWThF  (5-days)              Cost $199

Make Your First 3D Video Game Youth Camp – Redmond Campus
7/11 to 7/15                        9:00pm-noon MTuWThF (5-days)               Cost $199

Farm to Table Culinary Youth Camp - Camp is Filled to Capacity
7/11 to 7/13                       8:30am-11:30 MTuW
7/14                                    8:30am-12:30 F (4 days)                             Cost $199

New! Junior Police Academy Youth Camp
7/18 to 7/21                        10:30am-1:30 MTuWTh (4-days)                Cost $199

Aviation Exploration Youth Camp
7/18 to 7/21                        9:00am-noon MTuWTh (4 days)                 Cost $179      
App Attack! Youth Camp
7/18 to 7/21                        1:00am-4:00 MTuWTh (4-days)                  Cost $179

Dinners Ready! Culinary Youth Camp - Camp is Filled to Capacity
7/18 to 7/20                        8:30am-11:30 MTuW                                     
7/21                                    8:30am-12:30 Th (4-days)                          Cost $199

Minecraft Designers Youth Camp – Crook County Open Campus             
7/18 to 7/22                        9:00am-noon MTuWTh (5-days)                 Cost $199

New! Minecraft Animators Youth Camp
7/25 to 7/29                        9:00am-noon MTuWThF (5-days)               Cost $199

App Adventures: The Next Level! Youth Camp
7/25 to 7/28                        1:00pm-4:00 MTuWTh (4-days)                   Cost $179

Minecraft Designers Youth Camp – Madras Campus
7/25 to 7/29                        9:00am-noon MTuWThF (5-days)               Cost $199

New! Baking and Pastry Techniques Culinary Youth Camp - Camp is Filled to Capacity
7/25 to 7/27                        8:30am-11:30 MTuW                                     
7/28                                    8:30am-12:30 Th (4-days)                           Cost $199

Pizza Party! Culinary Youth Camp – Crook County Open Campus
7/25 to 7/27                        9:00am-noon MTuW                                     
7/28                                    9:00am-1:00 Th (4-days)                             Cost $199

August 2016 Camps

Aviation Exploration Youth Camp
8/1 to 8/4                            9:00am-noon MTuWTh (4 days)                  Cost $179

Make Your First 3D Video Game Youth Camp
8/1 to 8/5                            9:00am-noon MTuWThF (5-days)                Cost $199

New! Digital Storytelling Youth Camp
8/1 to 8/4                            1:00pm-4:00 MTuWTh (4-days)                   Cost $179

New! Petite Fours and Candies Culinary Youth Camp - Camp is Filled to Capacity
8/1 to 8/3                            8:30am-11:30 MTuW                                     
8/4                                      8:30am-12:30 Th (4-days)                            Cost $199

New! The Curious Case of the Runaway Snake: A Forensic Science Youth Camp
8/8 to 8/11                          1:00pm-4:00 MTuWTh (4-days)                    Cost $179

Minecraft Modders Youth Camp

8/8 to 8/12                          9:00am-noon MTuWThF (5-days)                 Cost $199

Minecraft Designers Youth Camp - Redmond
8/8 to 8/12                          9:00am-noon MTuWThF (5-days)                 Cost $199

Global Hot Pockets Culinary Youth Camp
8/15 to 8/17                       8:30am-11:30 MTuW      
8/18                                    8:30am-12:30 Th  (4-days)                             Cost $199 

New! LEGO Films and Stop Action! Youth Camp
8/15 to 8/18                        1:00pm-4:00 MTuWTh (4-days)                     Cost $179

If you have any questions, call (541) 383-7270. 

2016 Youth Camp Comprehensive Course Descriptions (pdf)
Youth Camp T-shirt & Culinary Chef Coat Sizing Chart (pdf)

NOTE: We will have a limited number of scholarships available based on financial need. Scholarships will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Decisions will be made by our scholarship committee. Students will only be considered for one scholarship per year.

2016 Youth Camp@COCC Scholarship Application (pdf)

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3 Easy Ways to Register

Registration is open!

1.  By Phone at (541) 383-7270

2.  By Mail –  Download Form (pdf)

3.  In Person at COCC Chandler Lab 
1027 NW Trenton Ave, Bend 
Open M-F 9:00am-5:00 


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