In Web Editors, Use HTML Entities to Add Special Symbols to Writing

By Ralph Phillips

A lot of a teacher's keyboarding might take place within web-based tools such as Blackboard or Ektron/Web editor. Knowing how to access the HTML editor view of these applications makes writing a little easier, especially when you need some special characters like em-dashes and curly quotes. HTML Entities are codes that will produce special characters. Fortunately, the most common ones have intuitive names and are relatively easy to remember. To use these codes, you need to be in the HTML editor of the application you're using. All HTML entities start with an ampersand (&) and end with a semi-colon (;).

create by typing when you need
a non-breaking space to create a space within proper names that won't split the text on two lines
Boy Scouts of America
smart double quotes to create smart curly quotes around quoted text
“HTML is easy to use”, he said.
smart single quotes to create smart single quotes around quoted text
“HTML is ‘easy’ to use”, he said with a smile.
e with acute
to create an e with an acute symbol
I will resume my resumé in the morning.
degree symbol
to create degree symbols for math or science
49° is only ½ (frac12) as good as 98°.
view of the html editor in Blackboard
Access the HTML Editor in Blackboard
view of the html editor in Ektron
Access the HTML Editor Ektron (Web) Editor

Ralph Phillips
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