Murray Godfrey and Andria Woodell are featured in the Know Scandal Lecture Series at Deschutes Public Library

This past month, both professors presented on the topic of scandal at the Deschutes Public Library.

Methods Behind Mayhem: The Stanford Prison Experiment (November 3)
In the 1970s, an ambitious social psychologist wanted to examine the impact of prison settings on human behavior. This simple musing lead to birth of one of the most controversial psychology studies to date and launched the career of Dr. Philip Zimbardo. In this talk, COCC psychology professor Andria Woodell will discuss the Stanford Prison Study from inception to conclusion, some of the impacts it has had on the field of social psychology and those involved, and the importance of researchers keeping ethics at the forefront when researching human behavior.

Oregon Scandalized (November 10; November 14; November 21)

Oregon is no stranger to scurrilous people and their activities, some of which helped direct the fate of the western United States. COCC history professor Murray Godfrey discusses some of the more prominent Oregon political and cultural scandals and how they affected United States history from the early days as a territory to the 21st Century. During his presentation, Godfrey will single out three to five scandalous events that reflect Oregon history at several junctures, ending with the Kitzhaber resignation.