Faculty recommended for tenure for 2017-18 academic year

The faculty listed below have been recommended to the COCC Board of Directors by the for granting tenure starting the 2017-18 academic year - YAY to all of them!

BrianBubak, anAssistant Professor II of Emergency Medical Services, earned his Masters in Photographic Communication from Ohio University in 1994. Brianteaches several Emergency Medical Technician courses and is the Program Director for Paramedicine.

Bill Cravis, an Assistant Professor II of Fine Arts Sculpture and 3DDesign, earned his Masters in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University in2006. Bill teaches Basic 3D Design, Sculpture, Mold Making, and an Introduction to Visual Arts.

Jenny Cruickshank, an Assistant Professor II of Health and HumanPerformance, earned her Masters in Human Movement/Sport Psychology from A.T.Stills University in 2012. Jenny teaches Introduction to Exercise and SportScience, Total Fitness, Staff Fitness, Fundamentals of Wellness Coaching, andSport Psychology.

Sarah Fuller, an Assistant Professor II of Biology, earned her Mastersin Ecology, Evolution and Behavior from University of Minnesota in 1998. Sarah teachesGeneral Biology courses including Ecology, Cells and Genes, Evolution, Principles ofBiology II, Biology of Plants, and Botany.

Murray Godfrey, an Assistant Professor II of History, earned hisMasters in History from Texas State University in 2010. Murray teaches EarlyAmerican History, 19th and early 20th Century United States History, and 20thand early 21stCentury UnitedStates History. He teaches in-person and online courses for COCC in Bend,Redmond, and Madras.

Ken Swartwout, an Assistant Professor II of Computer and InformationSystems, earned his Masters in Education from University of Oregon in 2008.Ken teaches Introduction to Programming, Computer Concepts, SoftwareApplications, and Data Structures.

Forrest Towne, an Assistant Professor II of Science, earned his PhD inChemistry from University of Montana in 2009. He teaches Introduction to Chemistry and General Chemistry.

Wayne Yeatman, an Assistant Professor II of Culinary Arts, earned hisMasters of Business Administration from Southwest Texas State University in 2001. Wayneteaches a variety of culinary courses and is the Culinary Program Director.