Faculty recommended for promotion for the 2017-18 academic year

The following faculty have been recommended for promotion in the 2017-18 academic year by the promotions committee - HOORAY to all of them!

From Assistant Professor I to Assistant Professor II:
Kristin Dorsey holds an MA in Childrens Literaturefrom Simmons College, and an MA in English Literature from Portland StateUniversity. She taught for 7 years as an adjunct instructor at two differentcolleges before coming to COCC in 2014. She has created new courses andsignificantly revised several others for the Humanities Department. Kristin isa reviewer of childrens books, and is a leader in the Central Oregon WritersGuild. She holds workshops for writers and teachers as a leader in the OregonWriting Project, as well as running workshops for high school teachers toprovide the tools and strategies they need to teach college level writing.

Meredith Humphries earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland,and an M.S. in Entomology form OSU. She began teaching Biology at COCC in 2014 and hasbeen inspiring students to be Biology majors ever since. She has an interactive andengaging style of teaching that incorporates technology, modern analytical tools, and innovativeapproaches to helping students learn. One student said, This class was like passing througha keyhole into a new world.

Michael Hansen began teaching full-time at COCC as an AssistantProfessor I in 2014. Michael earned his BS in Business Administration and his MBA at California StateUniversity, Sacramento.
As the faculty lead for marketing and Business Program Director, Michael isnoted by his colleagues as a knowledgeable and passionate teacher and a professional whocares deeply about student learning. In his online and face-to-face courses, diverseexperience in college service opportunities, and interactions in the community, Michael brings solidknowledge of industry and a passion for the educational journey.

Beth Palmer came to COCC in 2013 with nine years of experience as aCertified Veterinary Technician. Beth earned an AAS in Veterinary Technology in 2004 from PortlandCommunity College. Beths colleagues describe her as a dedicated, knowledgeable andtireless instructor with sincere commitment to student success. In the classroom, Beth maintains utmostprofessionalism guiding students through an updated curriculum she helped design. As the VetTech program director, Beth has helped to turn the Redmond Veterinary Technician lab into astate of the art learning facility. Students in the Vet Tech program have the opportunity toexperience what an animal hospital is like, preparing them for a successful career in the field.

Michel Waller started at COCC as a part-time in 2009 and transitioned toa full-time tenure track position in 2014. He holds a B.A. in Journalism from University of NorthDakota, a B.S. in General Science from University of Oregon and a M.A. in Anthropology from Iowa StateUniversity with a specialization in primate studies, specifically chimpanzees. Additionally,Michel attended COCC from 1998-2000. Michel has done a great job of integrating his graduate workinto his classroom instruction by facilitating internships for students with Chimps Inc. in orderto provide them with real life experience in the world of anthropology. Michel is also veryappreciated by his students as can be evidenced in evaluation comments like Michel made want to learnmore and best teacher ever.
Shannon Waller began teaching at COCC in 2010 and became a full timetenure track Assistant Professor I in 2014. Shannon directs the Pharmacy Technician program and hasupdated the curriculum and moved the program through the accreditation process, to beformally completed in February. Shannon teaches online and in person, and students appreciate thevariety of learning styles she appeals to in her classroom activities. Students describe her asproviding prompt, descriptive feedback that is always helpful. Her respect for students asindividuals and critical thinkers is evident in the comments of another student who said, I like howShannon takes an interest in each student and how they are doing with their work. She takes oursuggestions into consideration.

Wendi Wampler has been at COCC since 2014 as a full-time tenure trackassistant professor. She has BSs in Chemical Engineering (2004) and Physics (2006) from PurdueUniversity and a Ph.D. in Physics (2013), also from Purdue, with a specialization in PhysicsEducation. This emphasis in Physics Education is evident in comments by peers and students thatcontinually use phrases and words like thoughtful, well-prepared, student-centered, criticalthinking, process focused, and engaging. Community talks on quantum mechanics sponsored by theDeschutes County Library that resulted in Wendi being asked to prepare and deliver othertalks, is just one
example of the many ways that Wendi is being recognized as not only as anexpert in her field, but as a resource and representative of COCC.

Jon Wolf began teaching full time at COCC in 2014. He brought a wealthof experience as an economist. He has 25 years of experience as a government and corporateeconomist. He also had 4.5 years of experience teaching economics at multiple colleges at the sametime. Jon earns high praise for his dedication to student success, as well as for hisinfectious enthusiasm. Students regularly applaud how he makes learning interesting and exciting.

FromAssistant Professor II to Associate Professor:
Dan Alberghetti
began teachingat COCC in 2013 as an Assistant Professor II instructor. Dan earned a BA in Art from the University of California and a MA in Art atCalifornia State University. Dan is described by his colleagues and students as extremely dedicated tostudent success, and his classroom environments are noted for their collaborative and inclusivenature. In his work with the CIS department, Dan is recognized for development of the CCNA boot camp andhis innovative work with Raspberry Pi. Dans dedication to student engagement isevident in his work beyond the classroom. His Dancourses YouTube videos and podcast, Internet ofThings
provide meaningful opportunities for students to extend learning andapplication in new and meaningful ways.

Justin Borowsky has been teaching Speech and Communication at COCC since2010. He earned both his Ph.D. in Interpersonal and Family communication and his Mastersof Communication and Information Studies from Rutgers University. Justin bringspassion, enthusiasm, and an upbeat attitude to his classes, engaging students inactivities that they find applicable to their personal lives. Justin uses his communication skills bypresenting at a variety of campus venues, as well as working with the Deschutes County Search and Rescue,and creating a Best Practices in Hostage Situations document for the city of Charleston, SC.His extensive
committee service also attests to his commitment to COCC and its students.

Josh Evans started at COCC as a full-time tenure track instructor in2010. Prior to coming to COCC Josh taught at Bowling Green State University from 2004-2010 as well asworked as a Spanish interpreter. osh earned a B.A. in International Studies from in 2002and an M.A. in Spanish in 2004 from Bowling Green State University. Josh is known acrosscampus for his willingness to take Spanish instruction to new lengths, both in delivery andcontent. Students see Josh as animated, humorous, interactive and full of life. Josh has done anexcellent job of making himself a resource across the campus as well as the community. He hasserved on a number of committees as well as worked with different disciplines onintegrating Spanish instruction into their curriculum. He is a shining example of an idealcandidate for promotion to Associate Professor.

John Liccardo began work at COCC in 2012 as an Assistant Professor II ofExercise and Sport Science. He brought with him more than 10 years of experience as a full timeinstructor at Bakersfield College in California and Western Wyoming Community College. Johnholds an MS in Exercise and Sport Science, earned at the University of Utah in 1998. Johnscolleagues describe him as a model of teaching excellence, with a drive and commitment to studentsuccess that is second to none. His love and passion for the field of exercise science isapparent in all his activities. As program director for Exercise Science and facilitator for thephysiology lab, John
works tirelessly on providing updated content in order to provide first-rateinstruction both online and in face-to-face formats. The enthusiasm he conveys for his subject inspiresmany students to seek out careers in the field.

Tony Russell began teaching at COCC in 2010 upon completion of earninghis Ph.D. in English from Purdue University, where he also earned his MA in English (2005). Earlier,he completed AA degrees in French and English (2000) from Ricks College, and a BA in Englishfrom Northern Kentucky University (2002). In addition to teaching a wide variety of writingand literature courses, Tony served as the Faculty Assessment Coordinator during the 2015-2016 academicyear. His expertise on assessment is recognized not only on campus, but also by QualityMatters, a nationally recognized organization whose goal is to promote and improve thequality of online education and student learning. Tony not only took the Quality Matter course,but went on to become a certified Quality Matter reviewer. Tony excels in all performancestandards for promotion from Assistant II to Associate Professor.

FromAssociate Professor to Professor:
Kathy McCabe
joined theCOCC faculty family in 2004 after a career in law enforcement. Beginning as an Assistant Professor I, Kathy has earned all promotions byexceeding the expectations of her peers. She is a dedicated and talented instructor andadvisor, handling a full load of both each term. She has developed and updated the criminal justicecurriculum and mentored new faculty in the program to become excellent teachers, as well.Students sing Kathys praises for her education of the whole student: Kathy always took the time outto make sure no one failed her classes. She truly cares about the wellbeing of her students.Another said, She inspired me to become a better citizen and more proactive when it comes to thingslike preventing crime.

Sean Rule began teaching at COCC as an Assistant Professor I in 2004.Sean earned the rank of Assistant Professor II in 2007, tenure in 2009, and the rank of AssociateProfessor in 2011. Sean earned his BA and M.Ed. in Mathematics Education at the University of Delaware.Sean holds what some describe as rock star status in his work to engage students inmeaningful mathematics. Seans colleagues note his relentless energy, passion and indisputablecommitment to supporting students. Beyond the classroom, Sean is widely recognized as The Mayor ofCOCC in his diverse leadership roles, including faculty negotiations, tenure committee, andstudent affairs.
Sean models the mission of COCC daily, and he inspires each of us to ask how wecan make true differences in the lives of students.

Andria Woodell became a full time tenure track instructor at COCC in2004. In 2005, she completed the doctoral requirements and earned a Ph.D. in Psychology. Andriateaches a variety of psychology courses. She works tirelessly to offer students a variety ofopportunities, including those not often afforded to community college students. Her students praise herfor making the classroom fun, energetic, challenging and exciting. Andria organizes the SocialScience Lecture series, which brings a variety of speakers to Bend. As a presenter she ishighly sought after, and offers her expertise to the college and community.