Graduate Spotlight

SFS GraduateIt matters little which of the Central Oregon fire agencies you visit, you will find COCC Structural Fire program graduates who have attained full-time employment or promotion as the result of their COCC training. Built through cooperative efforts of all Central Oregon fire agencies, COCC programs lead the way to employment!

The COCC program is designed for current firefighters needing to upgrade their skills, as well as new students interested in a beginning a career as a firefighter. Students are encouraged to work with an advisor as early as possible in order to develop an appropriate course plan, as completion of pre-requisite course work is necessary for a smooth transition into the technical program offerings (note: pre-requisite coursework may be completed on a full- or part-time basis, and many credits can be transferred from another college).

For those interested in both Structural Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services, COCC offers a dual degree program. Interested students should contact their advisor immediately, as course planning is essential to timely completion of both degrees.

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