Redmond Technology Education Center

Redmond Technology Education Center

The newly constructed Redmond Technology Education Center is located on the corner of Veterans Way and Salmon Drive, across from the Redmond Airport. The 34,000-square-foot building will house technology-centered programs that will allow residents to train for present and future family-wage jobs. 

"Success for today’s and tomorrow’s technology companies relies heavily on a trained, and retrained, workforce, so we envision the Technology Education Center as being a key asset for regional companies and for individuals strengthening their employment opportunities"
- COCC President James Middleton

An essential aspect of COCC’s vision for the facility is its adaptability for future needs. Ten years from now and beyond, the facility will be able to support training in technologies that are unknown today. To provide this flexibility, the Redmond Technology Center was designed with modifiable spaces as well as expansion space and large exterior access doors to allow for removing and installing equipment.

Programs in the progressive new field of nondestructive testing and nondestructive inspections will be located in the technology center. These programs will train students in the techniques for detecting internal or external defects, determining structure, composition and properties or measuring geometric characteristics. Students will be able to earn several one-year certificates or a two-year degree in nondestructive testing and inspection. According to the state of Oregon job data website, the annual salary for a Level I entry-level technician position is $30,000 to $45,000, depending on experience.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence and Development (CEED) will be housed in about a third of the new Redmond Technology Education Center. This instructional program will be the backbone for creating and sustaining new regional companies. Students and community members will learn about best business practices and the fundamentals required to start and grow a small business.  

A new two-year degree option, Automotive Technology in Electronics and Diagnostics (TED), will also be offered at the Redmond Technology Education Center. This degree will emphasize electric and hybrid power systems, clean diesel and on-board vehicle networking—knowledge needed to repair the continually evolving electronics in today’s vehicles.

This degree will be in addition to the current master automotive technician certificate and an associate degree in automotive management, with an emphasis on the electrical/electronic portions of the automotive industry. The COCC Automotive Technology program was re-accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation in the spring of 2013.

Project History

  • 2009 Bond
  • $12.5 M project ($5.7M state of Oregon match)
  • BBT Architects
  • Kirby Nagelhout Construction

Building Specifics

  • 34,300 square feet
  • Construction started April 2013
  • Completed July 2014
  • Opened for Fall 2014 classes

Available Space

  • Two flex labs available for collaborative use
  • ~1500 and 750 square feet
  • Fully outfitted
    • 100 & 220 power
    • Water
    • Air
    • External garage door access
    • 2-story ceiling
    • 200A bus bar for high voltage requirements
    • 6” reinforced concrete slab

Redmond Campus Future

  • Solar array (~500kw)
  • Additional expansion
  • Expanded programming
  • Increased services

All of this equals a community college campus that provides comprehensive educational opportunities and support services in one location.

  Redmond Technology Education Center - Entrance
Main Entrance

Redmond Technology Education Center - interior
Entry Lobby

Redmond Technology Education Center - interior2
Lobby / Stairs

Redmond Technology Education Center - Classroom

Redmond Technology Education Center - Instructional Room
Instructional Area

Redmond Technology Education Center - Community Room
Large Community Room/Classroom Area

Redmond Technology Center - Automotive Bay
Automotive Bay

Redmond Tech Center - Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchange System

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