Travel Health and Safety

The College encourages staff, students, and faculty to get out and see the world – AND, we encourage everyone to do this is the safest way possible.  

If you are planning a trip, please keep in mind that you may be traveling to an area that is at risk for infectious disease or security threats.  Step one is making sure you are properly informed and prepared for your travels.  Step two is making sure that when you return, you do not put your colleagues, co-workers, and students at risk.  You can do this by:

  • Avoiding areas known to be at risk
  • Taking proper precautions while at your destination
  • Laundering and cleaning clothing, equipment, and family members upon return
  • Monitoring for and reporting any unusual symptoms

Remember, as a college employee, you may be eligible for emergency support while overseas.

Here are some good resources for travel safety:
Dept. of State -
Centers for Disease Control -

Please contact Campus Public Safety if you have specific travel questions or concerns. 

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