Parking on Campus

Parking Madras

Central Oregon Community College provides designated parking areas on campus for visitors, students, staff and faculty. 

All vehicles parked at COCC must display a parking permit. The permits are free. Vehicles in violation of this rule will be issued a citation. There are parking lots which do not require a parking permit which are designated by signs located at the entrance.

COCC has designated additional traffic and parking regulations which could also result in a citation being issued. For more information contact the Campus Public Safety Office (24/7) at 541-383-7272.

Student / Staff / Faculty Permits

Student, staff and faculty vehicles parked at COCC must display a current COCC parking permit. The permits are free of charge to students, staff and faculty. Permits are available from the Boyle Education Center (BEC) Information Booth, Campus Public Safety (BEC), Redmond Building 3, the Prineville campus, and the Madras campus.

Guest / Visitor Permits

Guest / Visitor parking permits are available from the BEC Information Booth, Enrollment Services and Campus Public Safety (BEC). Individual college departments may also issue guest permits.

Resident Parking Permits

Residents of Wickiup Hall must display a current resident parking permit on their vehicle and are required to park in the designated I-Lots.

Traffic and Parking Regulations

COCC has established both traffic and parking regulations to maintain safe and orderly driving and parking on each campus. It is the responsibility of the operator of the vehicle to not only park in an appropriate locations but to also operate their vehicle safely.

Campus Maps

Parking/Traffic/Policy Citation and Appeals

All COCC citations may be appealed to the Citation Appeals Committee. Appeal forms are available at Campus Public Safety (BEC), ASCOCC, Admission and Records, BEC Information Booth and online. 

Other Transportation Options

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