Paula Simone

Dept(s): Fire Science-Structural
Office: Ponderosa Hall 120
Phone: 541-383-7404 x7404
Fax: 541-383-7509

Paula is the program director for both Structural Fire Science and Wildland Fire Science

Priority Registration Office Hours from November 7 - November 18

Student Office Hours Fall 2016:

Monday: 9a - 11a
Tuesday:  1p - 3p
Wednesday:  9a - 10a & 2:30p - 3:30p

I have meetings every now and then and will post on my door If I have to be gone for a meeting during student office hours and when I will return.

My Courses Fall 2016:

HD 100CS (College Success):  Monday & Wednesday, 12:45p - 2p
FOR 211 (Supervision & Leadership):  Tuesday & Thursday, 10:15a - 11:35a
FOR 100 (Forestry Orientation): Friday, 9:15a - 10:15a

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