Wildland Fire Program Outcomes

Wildland Fire AAS

The degree is designed toprepare a student for a job in Fire/Fuels management. Students will learn importance of how fire/fuelsmanagement fits in the managing of ecosystems and natural resources as one ofthe more important aspects of fire management, including the reintroduction offire as an ecosystem process.

The One-year certificate isdesigned to provide basic skills for students interested in working and owningtheir own business in the wildland fire profession. Courses are open to allstudents and the certificate takes three terms/quarters to complete forstudents attending full time.

The short-term certificate is designed to provide basicskills for students interested in working in the wildland fire profession.Courses are open to all students and the certificate takes one to twoterms/quarters to complete.

Students will meetthe standards set forth by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group under theWildland Qualifications System for the courses that taught using NWCGcurriculum and provides certification.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Develop the tools for all levels of decision-makingand seek information to improve decision making in wildland fire suppressionand management.
  2. Analyzethe interaction of fuels, weather, and topography on wildland fire behavior,fireline tactics, and safety.
  3. Interpret,communicate, apply, and document wildland fire behavior and weatherinformation.
  4. Apply the concepts of silviculture as it relates to fuel treatments, fire effects and land management.
  5. Interpret GIS data and use in fire management.
  6. Synthesize fire management plans incorporating the philosophical, historical, legal, ecological, social and cultural aspects of land management.
  7. Integrate concepts of forest and fire ecology in the practice of land and fire management.