Wildland Fire Science

BB Fire photoListen to this... Strike Team Leader, Suppression Tactics, Situation Unit Leader. Sound appealing? What if you could take these and related classes, earn your degree and work in the wildland fire management field? Still appealing? Then this is your degree.

At COCC, some of the best instructors in the Northwest provide students with the hands-on training needed to manage controlled burns, implement fuels planning, work with fire suppression tactics and more. All classes are designed to meet US Forest Service requirements, as well as those of other government wildland fire management agencies. Hands-on training, upgrade needed job skills, top-notch instructors... you can't go wrong!

COCC offers both an associate of applied science and a certificate program in Wildland Fire/Fuels Management (Online Catalog). COCC also provides fire S-courses for the East Slope Training Region.

Career Pathways
Click for Wildland Firefighter Career PathwaysThe COCC Wildland Fire Career Pathway is designed to create educational "stepping stones" for advancement of workers and jobs seekers. It illustrates the steps needed through education, work experience and on-the-job training to enable students to combine school and work and advance over time to better jobs.

Note: This program is open to current employees of forest management agencies or graduates of forestry programs only. Please contact us for additional details and course options.

Paula Simone
Program Coordinator
Email: psimone@cocc.edu
Phone: 541-383-7404

Michelle Ruebush, Administrative Assistant
Email: mruebush@cocc.edu
Phone: 541-383-7740