COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Joint Recruitment Process & Scholarships

Due to social distancing requirements the Joint Recruitment Testing Process will be modified for the 2021 testing year. The application process will continue as normal with some tweaks to requirements to help the process run as smoothly and safely as possible. We ask that all applications be turned in via email to:, mailed in applications run the risk of not being processed in time due to employment shutdowns. The due date for application packets is April 1, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. PST.

This year's Joint Recruitment Process will be based on all applications received. The applicants top 3 agency selections will be processed and given to the specific agencies for review. The selected agencies will contact the applicant to establish individual department testing and/or interviews. During this time, applicants should be contacting perspective agencies for department information and agency student requirements.

Admittance into the college and placement test are required by anyone applying. This can be completed virtually now through CAP Services at the college. A VCI background check will also be required and the information for that will be provided as applications start coming in.

Unfortunately Crooked River Ranch will not be involved with this years selection process, so please make sure not to select either agency for your top 3 choices.

Update 1/13/2021 Sunriver Fire & Rescue will accpet applications for the 2021 process

Thank you for your understanding during these times. The college and local fire agencies are trying to promote the best practices for the Joint Recruitment Process for 2021. Please monitor this webpage for possible further updates. 

Please contact John Failla, via email: for joint recruitment information and questions.

COCC uses one standard for any person entering an Allied Health profession program at the college.  Students can read the requirements at  COCC policy for OHA Division 30, Chapter 409 Rules for Health Professions Programs  Students can also go to  OAR 333.265 for rules pertaining to EMS licensure.

COCC uses  OAR 407-007 as our guide in determining eligibility for a student with a criminal history.

The Joint Recruitment Process is currently open. Please find all forms and information below.

2021 Application

Fire Department Directory

Black Butte Ranch Rural Fire Protection District Student Scholarship Program Brochure

Crescent Fire District

Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue

Cloverdale Rural Fire Protection District

Jefferson County Fire District #1 Student Program Brochure

La Pine Rural Fire Protection District Reserve Firefighter Program Brochure

Redmond Fire and Rescue Student Program

Sisters/Camp Sherman Fire District Resident Volunteer Brochure

Sunriver Fire Department Reserve Program

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