Steps to London

Steps to London


Note: OIEC's London program is currently on furlough.

Look over the course offerings, assess yourinterest, and discuss, with your academic advisor, how these courses meet yourgraduation plans.

Determine your needs and discuss course optionswith Sara Henson or Jon Bouknight.

Look over the Basic Information Sheet.

Plan financial resources: loan, grant, scholarship, financial aid,parents, work and savings.

Apply for the Gilman $5,000 Scholarship, ifeligible, by October 1, 2013--please note that this is the second day of COCC's Fall 2013 term!

Contact Sara Henson or Jon Bouknight with your questions.


Pick up an application form from Sara Henson or Jon Bouknight(available October of Fall Quarter)

Read the application form carefully cover tocover, including refund policies

Take passport size pictures. (Youll need 4 forthe application, 2 more for a passport, if you dont already have one.)

Bring completed application form to Sara Henson, Modoc Hall 223, by Friday, December 6, 2013; include pictures and deposit check (orcredit card info.)

Sara Henson will sign application and makecopies for file

Mail your application, with $450 deposit, to:AIFS /Partnership Programs, College Division, River Plaza, 9 West Broad Street,Stamford, CT 06902

Get a passport application and order yourpassport

Secure finances and book air transportation ifyou are not flying with the group

Fill out all paperwork that AIFS sends you in atimely fashion

Keep communication open with Sara Henson (541-330-4357) or Jon Bouknight (541.330-4394) so that you are kept abreast of all issues related to the SpringQuarter in London program

Attend mandatory pre-trip orientation meeting atChemeketa Community College, Salem, on January 25, 2014

Ask questions, questions, questions until youare confident you know all the answers regarding your exciting study abroadprogram!