Course Offerings in Florence 2014

Students should choose a minimum of 12 credits from among the following course options. Note that Humanities 105 and Italian language are required courses and a full load consists of 12 to 14 credits.

HUM 105 Italian Life and Culture (2 credits)

Taught by the AIFS faculty in Florence. The student will gain a broad overview of contemporary Italian society by examining cultural traditions and values. Besides topical lectures by native guest speakers, the course engages students in experiential learning through field trips to such historic and cultural sites as Etruscan Fiesole, the Uffizi Gallery, the Academia Museum, and the Medici Pitti Palace.

Italian 101 (and one higher level course if needed, 4 credits)

Taught by the AIFS faculty in Florence. Designed for the beginner. Emphasizes active communication in Italian. Develops students' basic skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

OIEC's Florence Program is currently on furlough.

To download a PDF of the Florence application, use this link or visit your campus representatives listed elsewhere on this site.

Fall in Florence, Italy 2014 Application.