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Transferable Schools

The following is a list of public health programs available at public universities in Oregon. Note that public health programs have varying titles/program names and it is important for students to research and connect with the university system they are interested in transferring into. There are variety of program delivery options from online to in-person to hybrid formats.

Oregon Institute of Technology – Klamath Falls

Oregon State University - Cascades

Oregon State University – Corvallis

Information for COCC students interested in transferring to OSU's College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Portland State University/Oregon Health & Sciences University

School of Public Health

  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Public Health Studies
    • Five concentration areas: Click here for overview of the program areas.
    • Community Health Promotion- In the Community Health Promotion concentration, you will learn the societal, community, and individual-level factors that create risk — or promote good health — in populations
    • Clinical Health Sciences - The Clinical Health Science concentration prepares you for continued clinical study in one of the many licensed health professions, including medicine, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, dental hygienics, ophthalmology, and others.
    • School Health Educator - The School Health Educator concentration is a pre-licensure program, preparing you according to state guidelines for “best practices” in school health education.
    • Healthy Aging - In the Health Aging concentration, you will learn about the societal, community, and individual-level strategies needed to support our aging population.
    • Health Services Administrations -In the Health Services Administration concentration, you will learn the policy, organizational, administrative, and financial foundations for health care systems and health services delivery.
    • Also offers two undergraduate minors: Community Health and Aging Services and Lactation Certificate.

Southern Oregon University – Ashland

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