Nursing Assistant Certificate Program

Certificate as awarded on transcript:

Nursing Assistant - One Year Certificate of Completion

Nursing instructor with studentThe Nursing Assistant program is a three-term program that trains individuals to perform authorized duties of the Nursing Assistant in acute care, sub-acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and in other health care settings. Upon successful completion of all required support courses, Nursing Assistant Level I with successful certification by the Oregon State Board of Nursing and CNA Level 2, students are awarded a certificate of completion from COCC.

For details see:
Nursing Assistant - One Year Certificate of Completion (Online Catalog)

Transfer Information

This certificate is designed for students planning to enter the workforce upon graduation. Selected credits may be transferable to public or private baccalaureate institutions for students who choose to pursue higher degrees. Transfer students wishing to use classes from other colleges as prerequisites must have these classes articulated prior to registering for the Nursing classes. Transfer students wishing to use transfer classes as prerequisites should read the document Explanation of Process To Use Transfer Credits To Meet Enforced Prerequisites.