Certified Nursing Assistant Program Costs

Students interested in Central Oregon Community Colleges Nursing Assistant course are encouraged to read the following information regarding additional expenses. The equipment listed below is required based on OSHA and the Oregon State Board of Nursing policies and are found in most Nursing Assistant programs throughout the state. For those students interested in continuing on to COCCs certificate in licensed practical nurse or associate degree in registered nursing program, these expenses will not be repeated.

Please note that all costs are approximate and subject to change.

TUITION (as of Winter 2013 rates)
7 credit hours In-district: $88.75 (including fees) x 7 credits = $621.25

Textbook $71.50 new plus course pack $12.50 (check with bookstore for current price)
Uniform White top and black pants: $40 (cost may vary)
Stethoscope or
Stethoscope with arm cuff
$25 (cost varies)
$40 (cost varies)
Criminal History Check

$55 Must be completed through Verified Credentials

Watch $25 Must have a second hand. (cost varies)
Shoes $30 Must be closed toe shoes (preferably white)
Name Tag $5
TOTAL $264 (approximate using lowest costs above)

Immunization and titer rates are for Deschutes County Health Department and are approximate only (as of 9/1/13). You can call (541) 322-7417 for individual pricing confirmation depending on needs and insurance coverage.

We dont have any cost information for individual physicians or clinics. You will need to call them for pricing.

Hepatitis B series of 3 or Titer

$60.50 per shot (minimum of 2 shots $121) or

$35 for titer

The first shot in the series is needed prior to start of class and the 2nd shot prior to start of clinical portion of course. If Hepatitis B series of 3 shots is complete you will need to turn in verification of the series and a titer showing immunity prior to the start of class.

2 MMR Vaccinations or proof of immunity (Measles Titer, Mumps Titer, and Rubella Titer)

$21.96 per shot (2 shots $43.92) or

$30 for each titer (3 titers $90)

If born on or later than 1/1/1957, verification of 2 vaccines, one of which is due prior to first day of class. If born prior to 1957 you must have verification of 1 vaccine prior to first day of class.

If no proof of vaccinations we need a titer for each: Measles, Mumps, Rubella showing immunity.

Varicella Vaccination or Titer

$121.88 per shot (2 shots $243.76) or

$35 for titer

Must show proof of 2 doses or a titer showing immunity. History of the disease does not count.

Adult Tdap Vaccination $21.96 for shot
TB Test with negative reading

$60 (for 2-step process)

TB test may not be older than one year from the end of term.

Influenza Vaccine (Fall and Winter term only) $15-25
TOTAL $225 minimum to approximately $625 (cost varies)
Healthcare Provider CPR Class $50 (cost varies)

Total approximate cost for program: $1,150 - $1,600

For more information, contact COCCs Nursing Department at 541-383-7540

Rev. 5/14