Background Check Instructions

Background Checks are required prior to entering facilities that provide services to vulnerable persons, and are required for state licensure and/or national certification.

Students with a history of criminal charges or convictions should investigate their personal status prior to registering for nursing courses.

Students entering Nursing courses must start their Background Check:

  • After successful registration into Nursing 95, Nursing 106 or Nursing 206
    • The Background Check is valid only for 6 months, so please wait until you are actually registered in the course to start your Background Check
  • And no later than the deadline indicated in the Nursing 95 Registration Packet or Nursing Program Admitted Student admission materials


How to start you Background Check:

The Background Check cost is approximately $55.

Students must pass the Background Check as required by COCC policy in order to maintain his/her seat in the course.

Results are confidential and are only reviewed by the Nursing Department Chair and appropriate COCC College Administrators.

Students who fail to pass the Background Check will be notified as soon as possible via COCC email and/or phone (as listed in his/her COCC Bobcat Web Account).