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Massage Therapy AAS

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree Requirements

We offer two starts per year: Fall (morning and daytime) and Spring (evening). Massage Therapy courses are offered in the fall, winter and spring terms. NO summer LMT specific classes are scheduled.

The Massage Therapy Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree includes the Two Year Certificate of Completion and the basic requirements of a AAS degree (general education credits): CIS, HHP, Math, WR 121, BA 214, COMM 218, plus LMT 210 Community Outreach and LMT 245 Effective Office Decisions. The remaining 15 LMT electives may be chosen from our list of 200 LMT level elective classes.

For details and course requirements see:
Massage Therapy - Associate of Applied Science (Online Catalog)

For a suggested course of study see:

Massage Therapy - AAS Sample Plan (Online Catalog)

Advising Notes:

  1. LMT Level 200 courses carry an additional program fee of $25 per credit + regular COCC tuition per credit costs.
  2. Due to the time, cost and other requirements of this program, students should meet with the program coordinator prior to beginning classes.