Two Year Certificate

The Two-Year Certificate of Completion in Manufacturing Technology program is a self-directed, outcome-based program designed to prepare students for technician-level employment in a manufacturing environment. The program is offered exclusively at the Manufacturing and Applied Technology Center (MATC) at COCC's Redmond Campus.

Departmental approval is required for enrollment at the Manufacturing and Applied Technology Center.

This program is the extension of the core skills learned in the One-Year Certificate. The student completes 38 credits of MATC electives chosen based on the students particular interests and career goals. MATC electives cover a broad number of topics including course such as: Cost Estimation, Additive Manufacturing(also called Rapid Prototyping) Automated Welding, and CNC Machining. Additional courses in advanced topics in welding, machining, quality, and control systems are also offered. After approximately one year of study beyond the One-Year Certificate, students earning the Two-Year Certificate of Completion gain a broader range of understanding in Manufacturing topics and are ready to complete the remaining COCC courses required to earn the AAS Degree in Manufacturing Technology.

All credits required to satisfy the requirements of this Two-Year Certificate can also be applied towards the Associate of Applied Science degree in Manufacturing Technology.

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Two-Year Certificate

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This certificate/degree is designed for students planning to enter their chosen career upon graduation. Often only selected credits are considered transferrable to public or private baccalaureate institutions. Prior to starting any MATC program, students are advised to contact the institution they intend to transfer to and identify what credits may be transferable.

Regional Employment Projections from State of Oregon Employment Market show 15 general classifications of jobs in manufacturing. Most are expected to grow at a somewhat faster rate than the statewide average. Total job openings are projected to be somewhat higher than the statewide average.


Planning to Achieve a Two-Year Certificate of Completion in Manufacturing Technology

Completion of courses for a Two-Year Certificate can also lead to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Manufacturing. Depending on interests and career goals, students choose from various courses for a specialization welding, machining or automation. Sample classes include Oxygen and Plasma Cutting, Lathe Operator I and CAD/CAM.

Prior to starting the courses for the Two-Year Certificate, students must complete all Year One classes or be employed in a related field. Classes taught at the Redmond MATC campus are self-paced and designed to build skills in specific areas. MATC courses require 15 or more laboratory hours for each credit hour. See the requirements for the Two-Year Certificate.