Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer - AAOT


This degree meets the state of Oregon transfer degree requirements,allowing students to transfer to an Oregon public university andsome out-of-state universities having met all lower-divisiongeneral education requirements; with the appropriate courseplanning, all lower-division major requirements may also be met.

General Education FoundationalRequirements
(Courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher)

Courses Credits
Health (3 credits with HHP prefix)
HHP activity courses (1 credit each) are not to beduplicated
MTH 105 Intro to Contemporary Mathematics
(or higher for which Intermediate Algebra is a prerequisite)
SP 111 - Fundamentals of PublicSpeaking
or SP 114 - Argumentation and Critical Discourse
or SP 115 - Introduction to Intercultural Communication
or SP 218 - Interpersonal Communication
or SP 219 - Small Group Communication
3 - 4
WR 122 English Composition 4
or WR 227 Technical Writing

General Education/Discipline Studies
(One of the courses must be a cultural literacy course.)

Arts and Letters
at least three (3) courses chosen from at least two (2)prefixes.

Social Science
At least four (4) courses from at least two (2) prefixes.

Science/Math/Computer Science
At least four (4) courses from at least two (2) prefixes includingat least three (3) laboratory courses in biological and/or physicalscience.

Electives (32 credits)
32 credits from the addictions studies certificate will be appliedtoward elective credits. no additional elective credits are neededto earn the AAOT.

For information on the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree(AAOT) with an emphasis in Addictions Studies, see Addictions Studies course requirements (PDF).