AAS Health Information Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements
The following courses are required for COCC's Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology. Students should work closely with an advisor if they wish to attend part-time. Note that several of the courses qualify students to also earn short-term certificates in various Health Information Technology areas; see the HIT certificate card or COCC catalog for details.

CIS 120 Computer Concept 4
AH 111 Medical Terminology I 3
WR 121 English Composition 4

Insurance Certificate: Course requirements are:

MTH 31 Healthcare Math 3
BI 231 Anatomy & Physio 4
HIT 103 Health Info Sys & Proc 5
AH 112 Medical Terminology II 3
BI 232 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
HIT 104 Health Data Content & Struct 5
HIT 180 HIPAA Management 2

Medical Office Specialist Certificate: Complete all insurance certificate courses and the following:
HIT 184 Advanced Pathophysiology 5
SP 218 or BA 285 or PSY 101 3
HIT 131A Document Management & Technology 3
BI 233 Anatomy & Physiology III 4
HIT 182 Intro to Medical Coding 4

Medical Billing Specialist Certificate: Complete all first year courses, summer DP and fall term classes listed below.

Summer Term

HIT 193 Directed Practice 2

Fall Term
(Year 2)
SP 111 Public Speaking 3
HIT 284 Classification and Reimbursement 4
HIT 296 Ambulatory Data Systems 3
HIT 201 Legal Aspects of Medical Records 3
HIT 205 Intro to Medical Records Analysis 3

Medical Coding Certificate: Complete all medical billing specialist courses, the winter and spring term classes listed below and pass the medical coding competency exam.
HIT 283 Coding Classification (winter) 6
HIT 285 Advanced Coding Classifications (spring) 4

Associate Of Applied Science Degree: Complete all medical coding certificate courses and the following:
HHP 252A Fitness/First Aid 3
HIT 203 Health Care Delivery & Technology (Winter, Year 2) 3
HIT 272 Health Information Management (Spring, Year 2) 5
HIT 281 Health Data Collection (Winter, Year 2) 3
HIT 282 Quality Improvement in Healthcare (Spring, Year 2) 4
HIT 283 Coding Classification (Winter, Year 2) 6
HIT 287 Leadership and Project Management (Spring, Year 2) 2
HIT 293 Directed Practice II (Summer, Year 2) 2

COCC is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution. Effective for 2016 -2017 Academic Year.

For HIT salary and job opportunities state-wide visit the State of Oregon Employment Market Information System.