GIS Career Pathways

THE GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS(GIS) degree program is built on a foundation of computer-aided mapping and surveying technology for collecting spatial data, database generation and manipulation for tabular data, and GIS specific courses for organization, analysis and reporting.

Students in this program create maps that identify quantities and/or densities, analyze what's inside or near a study area and indicate change. Graduates work in retail and commercial businesses, natural resources, education, federal/state/local governments, banking and insurance, internet, publishing and real estate. GIS careers typically include positions such as GIS technician, project manager, computer programmer, database administrator, system administrator, cartographic designer, business development, and related managerial and administrative roles.

Career pathways is a system developed to help guide students toward specific professional goals by providing a defined list of courses offering expert training. The various courses help lead students to completion certificates and/or degrees that identify the student as being qualified to work in a particular field.

Career pathways can be used by students recently graduated from high school OR by adults who have been out of school for quite some time. In either case, career pathway students need to have the desire to help themselves and the desire to explore the possibilities of a new profession.

For GIS related career information, salary and job opportunities state-wide visit the State of Oregon Employment Market Information System.

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