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Mapping/Cartography - Career Pathway Certificate of Completion

Forestry Field NotesThe Mapping/Cartography Career Pathway Certificate of Completion is designed for students who hold degrees in other areas or are already in the workforce and are looking to enhance their skills related to the basic use and production of maps focusing on field techniques and use of basic Geographic Information Systems.

To earn this certificate, the student must complete 4 courses for a total of 14 credits. The courses include required courses for the AAS degree in Forest Resource Technology. These certificates will acknowledge student completion in an area of expertise and may be utilized for job opportunities and/or career advancement.

For details and course requirements see:
Mapping/Cartography Career Pathway Certificate of Completion (Online Catalog)

Labor Market Information
Regional Employment Projections from State of Oregon Employment Market Information System indicates a 2.5% increase for Forest and Conservation Technicians for Crook/Deschutes/Jefferson Counties from 2. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics indicates a growth of 12% during 2006-2016.

The members of the Advisory Committee represented the Government: USDA Forest Service, Department of Interior BLM, and Oregon Department of Forestry; Academic: Oregon State University, Oregon State University Cascades, Oregon State University Extension; and the Private sector: Cascade Timberlands, Gilchrest Lumber, and Mason, Bruce, and Girard. The curriculum was developed to meet industry standards not only in the Central Oregon region but in the Northwest. Graduates are in demand locally as well as regionally.