Forestry Program Outcomes

Forest Resources Technology AAS

Program Contact: Ron Boldenow

  1. Be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing,using appropriate technical language. Perform group problemsolving, decision-making and conflict management activities tofunction effectively in society.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate technical knowledge and practicalapplications necessary for employment in the natural (forest?)resources field.
  3. Be able to inventory appropriately, including identification ofplants and animals, measurements and recognition of soilproperties.
  4. Be able to correctly use the techniques, skills and toolsnecessary for practice in the field including GPS, maps, compass,and plant and animal identification.
  5. Be able to recognize, interpret and manipulate electronic dataassociated with natural resource management.
  6. Be able to apply forest management principles and practices tothe development and implementation of land management plans.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of fire weather and fire fuels,fire protection practices, their histories and relatedpolicies.
  8. Understand the ecological and management principles that applyto wildlife, fish, forest, soil, water and recreationresources.