Exercise Science AS Degree

Excercise Science lab testAssociate of Science (AS) Degree Preparation for transfer to Oregon State University

90 Credits

This Associate of Science degree is intended for students who know that they are on the academic path to obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) from Oregon State University - Cascades. Students who are unsure (or undecided) of the university to which they will transfer are encouraged instead to focus on the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. This AS degree is only for those students transferring from the COCC Exercise Science/Kinesiology associate degree program to the OSU Kinesiology (Exercise Science) bachelor’s program and includes lower division major and general education requirements to help guide those students; please note that requirements can change and students in this degree are not guaranteed of completion of OSU-Cascades requirements.

This information reflects an accurate picture of OSU requirements at the time of approval, using the OSU catalog, advisors and web resources for consultation. However, degree requirements can and do change. OSU has made no guarantee about the accuracy of requirements in this AS degree; determination of transfer status is made on an individual course basis at the point of admission to OSU.

Details: Associate of Science (AS) in Exercise Science / Kinesiology (PDF)