ENGR 211 Course Outcomes

ENGR 211:

Outcomes: By the end of the course you will be able to:

? Determine the components of a force in rectangular or nonrectangular coordinates.

? Determine the resultant of a system of forces in two or three dimensions.

? Draw complete and correct free-body diagrams and write the appropriate equilibrium equations from the free-body diagram.

? Understand and apply the concepts of Moments and Couples.

? Apply the concept of Unit Vectors and Cartesian Coordinate System.

? Determine the support reactions on a structure which has either concentrated or distributed loads or both.

? Determine the connection forces in trusses and in general frame structures.

? Determine the internal reactions in a beam; draw correct shear-force and bending moment diagrams; and write equations for the shear-force and bending moment as functions of position along the beam.