Emergency Medical Technician One Year Certificate (CC1)

(Pending Approval)

The Emergency Medical Services Certificate (EMS Certificate) is intended to give EMS students a more marketable credential for employment as an Emergency Medical Technician. It contains support courses that give recipients an edge when applying for employment by supplying them an advanced understanding of critical areas of EMS operations including documentation and communication, safe patient transport principle and tools to better help patients in emotional crisis. Students receive paramedic-level education in human anatomy and physiology, which is critical to providing proper patient care. The EMS Certificate also ensures that new EMTs will have solid math and college-level writing skills. With employment opportunities for EMTs growing fast, this added credential could make the difference in differentiating among a group of EMT applicants. The Certificate can contain 58-62 credits, depending on the courses chosen. It is considered a one-year certificate, but many students choose to complete the requirements across four to six quarters.

Emergency Medical Technician - One Year Certificate of Completion (CC1)