The Philosopher Paramedic

Welcome to The Philosopher Paramedic blog. As the weeks progress, this space will discuss many "soft" issues facing EMS providers. The topics will quite often address ethics in emergency medical service and similar issues we face in the field. Ethical decision-making is a critical skill in all walks of life, but especially in medicine. In fact, it pervades all we do. Another key issue you can expect to see is safety in emergency services. While we like to talk up the importance of safe conduct in the field, we often fall far short of demonstrating a culture of ethics. Safety is too important to leave to chance and must be addressed as a specific outcome, not just a "non-event" when accidents don't happen.

While a certain amount of boilerplate instruction will be necessary (for example: What's the difference between morals and ethics?), the main intent will be to start discussions on these topic and reflect on how they might relate to our field practices. Some of the subjects may, at first, seem rather lofty and esoteric. But I assure you that everything we discuss and ponder in this blog will relate to actual field experience. My philosophy, as it relates to these pages, is that you can learn hard skills such as intubation and IV starts just about anywhere. The discussions here will focus, instead, on whether our practices are best for our patients.

As noted earlier, this is a space for discussion of issues. You are encouraged to add your two-cents worth. The only requirements are that comments stay on topic and are respectfully presented. I also encourage readers to suggest topics for future entries. I do not claim to have the only ideas worth discussing. If you'd like to know more, contact Brian Bubak at or 541-383-7287.

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