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Student Stories

Stories from students in our Early Childhood Education program

The COCC Early Childhood Education (ECE) program offers a great way for students to acquire the knowledge,experience, and common skills needed for a career in early childhood education.

Read what recent Early Childhood Education students had to say about their experience.

I am proud of my achievement, and look forward to continuing...

I got married and had my children at a young age, and subsequently never finished college. I have taught in preschools for several years and was surprised to see that many schools do not require a degree in Early Childhood Education.

For me, the journey of getting my ECE degree is one of personal achievement. I want to give 100% at anything I do, and by taking classes I have learned so much valuable information and met so many wonderful people along the way. It is important to me to show my children the value of an education.

As I finally graduate (at age 40!) with an AAS degree in ECE, I am proud of my achievement, and look forward to continuing a career in the preschool setting. Perhaps someday I will become the director of a program.


From junior high on I knew I wanted to work with special needs children...

From junior high on I knew I wanted to work with special needs children. I had a brother who had special needs and knew it was my calling. Once out of high school I didn't have the grades to get into college to teach so I went to business school, which I never used. I got married and our first child was a special needs child, then our second child had ADHD.

At the age of 50 I made a promise to a dying lady to go back to school and pursue my dream. I did. There were times in my 6 years of getting through college I questioned why I was there but I now am working my dream. Currently, I am a substitute Educational Assistant for ESD and work only in grade school life skills. I love every minute of it.


I've always wanted to be a teacher...

I've always wanted to be a teacher. Life experiences led me away from college and I waited until my mid-thirties to return. I began at COCC with the intention of getting my AAS in Early Childhood Education so I could be an educational assistant. After taking one ECE class I changed my mind: the information I received about educating young children filled my heart with a new energy and excitement. I knew then that my heart's desire was to become a certified teacher and teach in public schools. As the youngest of my three children finished pre-school, I received my AAOT from COCC and immediately began working on my bachelors degree to work with young children and their families.

I am excited that I have had this opportunity to pass on a legacy of education to my children and look forward to sharing my love of learning with others for many years to come.