CDA Early Childhood Education

Transferring Not-For-Credit and Prior Learning Credentialsinto COCC's Early Childhood Education (AAS) Program

COCC's Early Childhood Education program will award prior learningcredit for the following early childhood credential:
  • Child Development Associate (CDA)
  • Oregon Registry Step 7

Credits will be transcribed as Prior Learning Credit and may notcount toward the AAS degree unless the student has successfullycompleted Practicum II (ED 262) and related competencies. PriorLearning Credit will be awarded in lieu of the required programcourses.

Credits are awarded as follows

Child Development Associate (CDA) or Oregon Registry Step7:

  • 4 credits for ECE 140: Introduction to Early ChildhoodEducation
  • 4 credits for ECE 151: Observation and Guidance of YoungChildren's Learning
  • 3 credits for ECE 261: Practicum I
  • Awarded credits based on successful completion ofPracticum II and related competencies.

In order to obtain non-traditional credit, students must havetaken at least one course at COCC. Students with more than one ofthe listed prior learning credentials can receive credit for onlyone. The cost of the credit transcription is $40 per course.

Students or providers with a prior learning credential are stronglyencouraged meet with an Early Education advisor before beginningtheir Early Education coursework.

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