Small Group Communication

  1. Students will explain the transactional model of communication and describe how messages may be sent and received at both conscious and unconscious levels.

  2. Students will describe the behaviors and attitudes used by the competent communicator who adapts appropriately to contexts, other people, and the communicator's goals.

  3. Students will explain and analyze the differences between a "me" orientation and a "we" orientation to problem solving.

  4. Students will explain and analyze the systemic nature of teams.

  5. Students will recognize the cyclical nature of team development, create appropriately negotiated norms for group maintenance and performance enhancement and adapt to the tensions of the storming stage.

  6. Students will recognize and describe roles necessary for task performance and team maintenance, including the role of leader.

  7. Students will recognize and demonstrate the behaviors which produce a positive team climate.

  8. Students will recognize and analyze their own power resources and those of other team members.

  9. Students will perform appropriate research tasks in the small group setting.

  10. Students will analyze and report on the communication skills needed for managing conflict and tension in the small group setting.