Interpersonal Communication

  1. Students will explain the transactional model of communication and describe how messages may be sent and received at both conscious and unconscious levels.

  2. Students will describe the behaviors and attitudes used by the competent communicator who adapts appropriately to contexts, other people, and the communicator's goals.

  3. Students will recognize the messages used to construct and maintain individual and group identity.

  4. Students will recognize that perceptions vary and demonstrate the ability to perform perception checks.

  5. Students will recognize emotional triggers, identify the differences between emotions and actions and practice the proper language to express emotions in a competent way.

  6. Students will demonstrate active listening through the use of paraphrasing, authentic questions, and reflecting.

  7. Students will identify and demonstrate communication behaviors which contribute to the creation of a positive psychological climate.

  8. Students will demonstrate how to respond non-defensively to criticism.

  9. Students will recognize that conflict is natural and demonstrate competent methods of conflict management.

  10. Students will explain the steps of win-win conflict resolution, including the clear message format for asking for behavioral change.