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Computer Certifications


All Computer Competency tests at COCC are conducted through the Tutoring and Testing Center, located on the first floor of the Barber library. For detailed information on IC3 tests offered on the Bend campus, please visit the Computer Competency Exam page. Enrollment in a Pearson Vue exam is handled through the Pearson Vue web site; more information for COCC students can be on the Testing Center's Tests Available page. If you have questions regarding Computer Competency tests, please contact the Testing Center at 541-383-7539.

Students can demonstrate skills and knowledge for some CIS classes by passing a nationally-recognized certification exam.

Scenario I:
I already have an industry certification

Students that have already earned a qualifying certificate for a set of skills/knowledge can bypass taking a particular course, while still earning the credits (usually 4) towards a CIS degree. To get credit for a prior cert, the student will need to...

  1. Meet with the CIS Department Chair (Ken Swartwout) to confirm your plan, provide a copy of the certification, and sign a credit request form.
  2. Take paperwork (request form and copy of certification(s)) to the Admissions and Records Office in Boyle Education Center.
  3. Once approved, pay the necessary fee of $40 per course and earn a P (pass) grade for the class and earn credit(s) towards the CIS degree.

Note: Some schools will NOT count a P grade as a transfer course. The Credit for prior Cert program is related to earning a COCC degree or certificate.

Scenario II:
I don't have the industry certification

Students that do not yet have the industry certification have several options. Each option has various pros and cons.

  • Hold off on taking the CIS class. Self-study and complete the industry certification. Then, the student would complete the steps above with Scenario I.
    • PRO: Avoid having to pay for the college class and the certification.
    • CON: Self-study could take several months, and delay entrance into other CIS courses.
    • CON: Course grade would be a P (pass), which could be problematic if transferring to another school.
  • Take the CIS class, and complete the certification during the term. Each class will apply extra credit differently, so talk to the course instructor.
    • PRO: With a cert as extra credit, earning a top grade of A is very likely, raising the overall GPA.
    • CON: Requires paying for a 4-credit class and paying for the industry certification.
  • Take the CIS class, and complete the certification sometime after the term is over.
    • PRO: The CIS class will help prepare you for successful passing of the industry certification.
    • CON: Requires paying for a 4-credit class and paying for the industry certification.
    • CON: Because the cert is completed after the term, it will not be extra credit towards class grade.