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CIS Course Resources


Students in some CIS courses will need both a textbook (print or e-book) AND a SAM account. SAM is training and testing software used in class and essential for completing required coursework. The best option is purchase Cengage Unlimited, which includes SAM access..

Buying a used book for many CIS classes is NOT likely to produce a cost savings. The instructor for your course can help you determine the best option for your situation, depending on if you already have a book and/or already have SAM access or Cengage Unlimited access from a prior class.

When setting up your SAM account for your class, you will need the institution key. Our SAM institution key is T2079791.

You can find online resources for using SAM, including the Getting Started Student Guide, from Cengage Learning.

Cengage Unlimited

The materials required in SAM courses and other COCC courses are included in Cengage Unlimited, a subscription that gives you access to all your Cengage access codes and online textbooks for $120 per term, $180 per year or $240 for two years. No matter how many Cengage products you use, they are included in Cengage Unlimited, and the price stays the same. You can purchase access to Cengage Unlimited in the bookstore, or at . 
For additional support, please visit:

Software Downloads from Microsoft Azure

These accounts (formerly known as Microsoft Imagine), allow you to access different productivity applications (like Visio and Project) and operating systems (like Windows 10 and Windows Server) used in a variety of CIS courses.

You can get the necessary student account to download this software by following along with the tutorial videos below.


  1. Creating an Azure for Students Account (3:23)
  2. Accessing Software Downloads from Azure for Students Account (2:47)
  3. Downloading and Installing Software from Azure for Students Account (4:56)