Are you ready for CIS 120?

CIS 120 covers topics that go beyond the basics. If you can perform the series of file management tasks below in less than fifteen (15) minutes, you should feel confident registering this class.

  1. Open Notepad from the Start menu (in Windows). Type your name. Save the file as "Practice" to the desktop. Then, close Notepad.
  2. Without opening the "Practice" file, place a copy of the "Practice" file into the My Documents folder.
  3. Open the My Documents folder and rename the "Practice" file in the My Documents folder to "CIS Practice". Don't open the Practice file to rename it. Close the My Documents folder.
  4. Open the COCC Foundation website and copy the paragraph that begins with the sentence, "Central Oregon Community College was established in 1949 and is...". Copy this paragraph using shortcut keys or the context menu (right-click).
  5. Minimize the web browser that is displaying the COCC web site and re-open the "Practice" file on the desktop.
  6. Paste the paragraph you copied from the Web below your name. Save the file. Close Notepad.
  7. Open the My Documents folder and create a new folder called "CIS".
  8. Move the "Practice" file from the desktop and the "CIS Practice" file from My Documents into the newly created "CIS" folder

The skills required in these tasks are part of CIS 70, which is a 2-credit class and great prep for CIS 120. By entering classes prepared, you will increase the chances that you will have a positive experience, retain more information, and earn a high grade.

For more information on courses in the Computer and Information Systems department, visit or stop by the offices in Pioneer Hall.