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BA 280 Cooperative Work Experience

Co-op Work Experience is a potential Business program elective within the Accounting Clerk or Retail Management Certificate; and Associate of Applied Science Business Specialization degrees. Students usually register for Co-op Work Experience in the last term before they graduate. We offer it every term for your convenience. 

Students must have an approved job before they can register for this course. While the responsibility for finding the job is up to the student the college does have job seeking resources at the COCC student jobs web site. Ideally you would take the class just before you graduate. This would allow you to leverage the skills you have developed at COCC. It allows the employer to see how well you fit with their company as well as you getting to decide if you gaining valuable industry experience. Often times the internships turn into permanent employment.

You must be employed in a business setting where you can practice the business skills you have learned. That can be either a paid or volunteer position. So if you are far enough along in the program, have completed the necessary coursework, and have the appropriate job, you are ready for BA 280. Most jobs don't align perfectly with our 10 week term calendar. Don't worry, you can start the class before or after the term starts.

When you are ready, please contact the instructor assigned to BA 280 in the term you plan to register for the course.