Biology 205 Course Outcomes

Biology 205 - Scientific Terminology - Greek and Latin Roots of Science

Recommended preparation:

Previous coursework - interest in or currently enrolled in college-level science

Reading and Writing - ability to read and understand the English language as presented in college-level texts and delivered by insturctor; ability to write in complete sentences using correct grammar.

Successful completion of this course will be shown by demonstrated competency in a) effective/cooperative effort in a team investigation and b) performance of a score of 70% or better on course examinations, homework, and exercises in the following abilities, to:

  • Show basic familiarity in use of a dictionary with proper etymology
  • Recognize and distinguish the meanings of Latin suffixes, prefixes and roots as found in scientific vocabulary.
  • Show basic understanding of how the Greek and Latin suffixes, prefixes and roots contribute to the history and development of our English language.
  • Have increased ability to spell and pronounce the "difficult" language encountered in your scientific field of study.