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Transfer Programs & Degrees

You have several options for a degree at COCC.

1. AAS - Associate of Applied Science
You can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. All of the aviation courses fit into that degree requirement, and several other electives are permitted in the AAS degree option. Award of the degree is not a guarantee of transferability to a specific institution. Students who intend to pursue a bachelor's degree should choose courses that will transfer into the desired degree program at the college or university you want to attend. 

2. AS - Associate of Science
The COCC Associate of Science degree is designed to meet the transfer needs of students in specific program areas at a specific college or university. The aviation courses fit into the AS degree as either program requirements or elective courses. Award of the degree is not a guarantee of transferability to a specific institution. Students should consult an adviser to determine the requirements of the bachelor's degree you wish to pursue.

3. AAOT - Oregon Transfer Degree
You can complete the COCC requirements for the Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer degree (AAOT). All of those credits are accepted by other Oregon public colleges or universities. You may use approximately 28 credits from the aviation courses as electives in that degree program.

4. OIT - Oregon Institute of Technology Transfer

OIT has initiated a Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology and Management degree for our aviation graduates that is the most favorable transfer degree available from any university.

We also have a very favorable transfer program into the B.S. in Operations Management degree at Oregon Institute of Technology. You can download a pdf file that details the OIT requirements and the courses that OIT will accept from COCC. (Airplane to OIT Operations Management Degree) (Helicopter to OIT Operations Management Degree) You can also go to the OIT website to view information: OIT Operations Management degree Online See Program Director for details.

5. BS - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
The COCC aviation program has been coordinated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics degree program. That degree is available at their Portland Center, or by distance delivery.

* Not all, but the vast majority of airplane pilot positions require a bachelor's degree as an entry level requirement, so the COCC aviation program has established a variety of options for you to flow smoothly into the college or university of your choice. See one of the advisers for assistance in establishing a program that meets your needs.