National Aviation Security

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires flight schools to determine the citizenship status for any student, whether U.S. or alien, seeking flight training toward the issuance of a recreational pilot, sport pilot, or private pilot certificate; instrument rating, or multiengine rating.

U.S. Citizens

  • Students: Bring appropriate evidence of citizenship with you to school.
  • Evidence of U.S. citizenship must be shown by one of the following:Valid, unexpired U.S. passport, or
    a. government-issued picture ID card and
    1. Original birth certificate of the United States, American Samoa, or Swains Island, or
    2. Original certification of birth abroad with raised seal (Form FS-545 or DS-1350), or
    3. Original certificate of U.S. citizenship with raised seal (Form N-560 or N-561), or a Certificate of Repatriation (Form N-581, or
    4. Original U.S. Naturalization Certificate with raised seal (Form N-550 or N-570).
    b. Receive an endorsement in the student pilot's logbook certifying that the required evidence of U.S. citizenship has been provided in accordance with 49 CFR 1552.3(h)

NOTE: COCC cannot accept applications from international students for F1 or J1 visas.

  • The information below is an outline only. Consult the TSA for complete information.
  • An alien is defined as any person not a citizen or national of the United States. This also refers to resident aliens (green-card holders) and visa holders in the United States.
  • The Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) conducts background checks for non-U.S. citizens seeking flight training. Prior to obtaining flight training non-U.S. citizens must apply online through the AFSP website and provide their fingerprints, biographical information, security documents including passport copies, and specific information about their desired training events.
  • The candidate must notify the school that they are a resident alien.
    • Provide the aviation department with his/her visa, passport, and a current photograph when registering at the school.
    • The aviation department will upload copies to the TSA website.
  • The candidate is required to create a login account at
  • The candidate will be required to submit the following information:
    • Background Information. Full name, gender, current address and five-year address history, date and country of birth, and citizenship information.
    • Passport and Visa Information. Foreign applicants are required to have a passport. A candidate may either scan his or her complete passport and submit it to TSA electronically, or copy his or her complete passport and fax it to TSA using the fax number provided on the AFSP Web site.
    • Training Details. Basic information including the name of the school, course name, course description and ID number, type of aircraft, pilot certificate or rating sought, and the start and end dates for the flight training.
    • Fingerprints.
    • $130 Application Processing Fee.
    • Photo.

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