Financial Aid for Aviation Students

Several financial aid and scholarship opportunities exist for students in the aviation program at COCC.

COCC Financial Aid Website

A List of Known Aviation Scholarships

Click here to complete the FAFSA application for federal aid. Apply for federal aid as soon as youre sure that you are entering the program. Federal grant funds are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You may apply for Federal Aid at any time, preferably before April 15th of the current year. Applications submitted after April 15th may be delayed.

Every student should fill out the FAFSA form and have their evaluation sent to COCC. COCC's Federal School Code 003188

Alternative educational loans
You will find links to private lending institutions that offer loans to students who are enrolled in the aviation program and need more money than is available through normal financial aid. Contact the COCC Financial Aid Office at 541.383.7260 for financial aid counseling and if you have questions about alternative educational loans.

Searching and applying for financial aid (i.e. scholarships, grants, loans, etc..) requires planning and resourcefulness. You must create a plan and start your scholarship search early in order to receive the maximum aid you may be eligible to apply for and possibly receive.

All students planning to enroll in the COCC Aviation Program should apply for financial aid. You should never assume that you are not eligible for financial aid based on your familys income. Remember, there are many awards given to students based on their academic achievements, athletic talents, artistic talents, and other merits.

The first place to search for financial aid is at the COCC Financial Aid office, which is located in the Boyle Education Center, to see if you may be eligible for any institutional aid. Their website is You should set up an appointment with them to see what the college may have available and for other suggestions.