Career Pathways for Aviation

The aviation field is a growing industry in Central Oregon and the United States. COCC's Aviation program provides the skills needed for a successful career in the aviation industry. From private and commercial certification to certified flight instructor rating, the courses are designed for those interested in learning more about aviation, who want to earn pilot's licenses, and specifically for those who want to become professional airplane and helicopter pilots.

The aviation program faculty members are aviation professionals and work closely with each student to ensure achievement of academic goals. The program includes flight training in some of the newest and most modern aircraft available, as well as hands-on training in CAT IV Modular Flight Deck advanced training flight simulators.

Graduates of this program receive the following certificates and ratings: Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor certificates; and Instrument and Multi-engine ratings. The AAS degree will only be awarded when these certificates and ratings have been obtained. Most COCC graduates become flight instructors, airline pilots or corporate pilots. Others use the degree to advance into management positions within their own companies.

A career pathway is a series of connected educational programs, with integrated work experience, on-the-job training, and support services, that enables students to combine school and work and advance over time to better jobs and higher levels of education and training. Career pathways target jobs of importance to local economies. They are designed to create educational "stepping stones" for advancement of workers and jobs seekers, particularly those stuck in low-wage jobs, and a supply of qualified workers for employers. As such, career pathways help to ensure that investment in education and training pays off in enhanced economic development. - From Davis Jenkins, University of Illinois at Chicago

Regional Employment Projections from the State of Oregon Employment Market indicate that Aviation related occupations are expected to grow at a slightly higher rate than the statewide average.

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Aviation - Ariplane Pilot Program
Aviation - Helicopter Pilot Program

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