Aviation Medical Requirements


Medical Certification
All pilots (except sport pilots) must possess a valid medical certificate in order to exercise the privileges of their airman certificates. The periodic medical examinations required for medical certifications are conducted by FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), who are physicians with special training in aviation medicine.

Classes of Medical Certificates:

  • Third Class: The medical certificate for a private pilot is a third class. It is valid for five years for those who are under 40 years of age and two years for those over 40.
  • Second Class: A commercial pilot certificate requires at least a second class medical certificate which is valid for one year.
  • First Class: An airline pilot certificate requires a first class medical certificate which is valid for 12 months for those who are under 40 years of age and six months for those over 40. Some insurance companies may require a pilot to hold a first class medical certificate in order to fly passenger carrying operations.

All COCC students planning to pursue the entire aviation program will be required to obtain at least a Second Class medical certificate to determine that they will be able to qualify as a commercial pilot.

To get a Medical Certificate an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) must examine you. You must:

If you meet the appropriate medical standards, the AME will issue you a medical certificate. And, if necessary, the AME will also issue you a Student Pilot certificate which will permit you to receive flight instruction and to solo.

All known AMEs in Deschutes County, Oregon, are listed below for your convenience. Use the FAA hotlink above to find an AME in other locations across the U.S.







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Bass, Jerry MD

63120 Powell Butte Hwy






Detwiler, James MD

211 NW Larch






MacDonell, Richard

2190 NE Professional Ct. Suite 200

Bend OR




Skotte, Daniel DO

57057 Beaver Drive




541 593-5400


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Medical Certificate

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